Support for Parents

As a school we recognise what a challenging time this is for parents and have tried to make sure the learning materials provided are supportive and do not expect too much of children working at home.  We have put key learning for the week under each year group and this is limited to 5 activities per week.  There are further links to additional activities for those children and families who can manage them.  If you are managing to do a few hours of work each day then you are doing very well – keep up the great work!

Below are some links and documents from professional organisations about how to deal with parenting during the lock down.  They come from two sources: Triple-P Parenting  and Sheffield Children’s NHS. Both sources provide sensible, practical advice.

Triple-P Parenting during Covid 19 web page

Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) council have also provided a support leaflet for parents which is available from the link below.  There is also a picture book that can help in explaining to children about the current situation.