Religious Education

At Winton we use the Bournemouth and Poole agreed syllabus for Religious Education, ‘Any Questions?’ Each topic is presented as a question, from the list in the syllabus, for children to find answers to or make an opinion about.  

The religions covered by each year are: 

R - Festivals (covering any religious festivals inc, Diwali, Christmas Easter etc.) 

Y1 - Hinduism and Christianity 

Y2 - Buddhism and Christianity 

Y3 - Judaism and Christianity 

Y4 - Islam and Christianity 

Y5 - Humanism and Christianity 

Y6 - Judaism and Islam 

The objectives for each year group are grouped under three headings: 

To know about and understand 

To express and communicate 

To gain and deploy skills 

The PDF file below shows the key questions that are asked during each topic and year.

Parents have a right to withdraw their child from Religious Education and this must be done in writing to the Headteacher. The right of withdrawal does not extend to other areas of the curriculum where it is possible for aspects of religion to be discussed e.g. in history or citizenship. When pupils are withdrawn from RE, the school has a duty to supervise them, though not to provide additional teaching.   We encourage parents to discuss this decision with us prior to withdrawing their child.