Home Learning

Lots of you are working really hard at home and it's great to receive pictures of you and your learning. Since our last update, here are some of the things that people have been up to...

There has been lots of science this week. Some of you have been making lava lamps, whilst others have been investigating how sound travels, how light splits colour and how the circulatory system works:


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We enjoyed looking at this research about endangered species:

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And lots of you have created some inventive art work too. One person had a go at making this dragon from an Oak Academy art lesson

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Others did some painting, drawing, sewing and other mixed media work... and balloon animals!

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And we were really impressed with these stop fame animations!


Here is a mixture of other work people have done. There is some great writing, some maths, more artwork - and one person even made cheese!




It is so lovely to see so many Year 5s sending pictures in! We miss you!!

Great to see lots of Year 4 students! Keep up the good work guys- lovely to see your smiling faces Lottie and Holly - we’re missing you lots in school! X

Great flag sorting Aryana! Well done!

Great to see so much fantastic work from my Year 2's. Keep it up guys!

It is lovely to see some of your wonderful work! Your space artwork is brilliant, Jack, and I am impressed by your sewing, India!

What a super piece of history work Declan. We miss seeing your super drawings and artwork!

And what a beautiful picture you have painted Waniya. You've done a great job of blending the colours together. I'd love to see the finished piece.

Wow these are looking great! Oscar, I love the circulatory poster. It looks like you have taken your time with those drawings too!

Super work this week Harry! Loving the cup phone!