Home Learning

Lots of you have been busy at home over the last couple of days. One person in year 5 gave her parents a lecture about Ancient Greece. Apparently she was really well informed and enthusiastic... and thought the beard made her look more like a university lecturer. They're not all old men with white beards, you know!


Reading really is THE most important thing to be doing at home at the moment and we were really pleased to see what some of you have reading this week. 'The Monster Next Door' is a favourite in one household, whilst 'The Christmasaurus and the Winter Witch', a very chunky book, is a favourite in another.



One person found a fossil on a recent trip to Kimmeridge Bay. He was very excited and wanted to send a picture into school. A great find!


Others have been doing lots of art work, maths, scence, technology and creative writing. Keep up the great work...



Good to see you keeping up with your times tables, Jake!

Milla, lovely quilling! It looks really beautiful altogether in one picture.

Thank you Mrs Hammersley! I miss you loads.

I love your diary entry, Tamsin. I want to go and have a chocolate fountain and see puppies!!!

More amazing work Shahed. Well done and keep it up! I look forward to seeing your next post.

Lovely to see you keeping up with your reading Jayden. Well done!

Your experiment looked great Louie! What a lot of fun!

I am so pleased to see some more amazing work from you Nathan. I can't wait to see your next post.

Nice to see you continuing to work on telling the time Dylan. Such an important skill. Well done!

Wow Sini- I love the new look! The infamous cap seems to have made an appearance too- brilliant!