Home Learning

Lots of you have been sending us pictures of you with your learning since last week's update.

The wildlife theme continues and we have enjoyed looking at your food-chains and work about plants and how they reproduce...


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Some of you have been growing your own rainbows with chromatography...

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There have been some really well researched and presented projects...

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And, it's great that lots of you have received Head Teachers awards for your excellent work. Keep it up!

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One person explained to their mum how phonics work. Great work!


Take a look at some of the other work people have been doing. There has been some work on homophones, lots of maths, marble run designs and we are still receiving lots of postcards. Your teachers love receiving them. One person has has received her NHS Safe at Home Medal from the The Great British Children’s Challenge.


Lastly, we were hugely impressed by Dylan, who has raised over £200 for the NHS by selling his art work. Dylan received a Head Teachers' award for his efforts last week. Fantastic work!



Great to see Tommy, Meadow, Ruby and Aryana from 2KL - You've all been working so hard! Keep up all the great work!

Thank you so much Mrs Lord :)

Wow, Larissa! What amazing research on Ancient Greece! You will able to teach me a few things!

Great work Lilly and Jessica! Looks like you’ve been working hard! Well done

Some excellent food chains Lyla, Aaron, Ria & Solomon! Great to see you all still working so hard :-) Great set of instructions on how to catch a unicorn Ria and super preposition work Lyla!

Great food chain Aaron showing the producer and the consumers. Super science work!

What an informative video Ria with so much scientific information! Well done.

thank u mrs houltun hope u and hugo and your husband are staying safe i am missing u thanks for the comment !!!!

thanks , Ria -4HP Xxx

Hi Mrs Holuston ,
Thanks for the comment
I hope you Hugo and your husband are staying safe !
Did you get my postcard
I am really missing you !
Many Thanks , Ria Xxxx

P.S. Thank you for the pack i really liked it !! - it was AMAZING and an AWSOME IDEA !!!!!!!!!!

Love the drawing of the owl. Looks super realistic!

Great work on the Stone Age, Anuthi!

Wow Benji! Simplifying fractions and all correct too. Well done Anais on you head teacher award. You deserve it for all the hard work you are doing at home. Keep it up.