Home Learning

We're enjoying looking at all of the work which people are doing at home and, this week so far, there has been lots of it - much of it wildlife related!

There have been some really well produced food chains...





There have also been some lovely close-up observational drawings of wildlife. We particularly like these...





Some of you have been learning about and illustrating the seasons...





And at least one person has accepted Miss Griffin's gardening challenge and promised to show her their first ripe Strawberry. Here it is!...


Meanwhile, lots of you have been writing instructions in English and we were impressed with this video giving instructions for how to catch a unicorn...


There has also been lots of other learning going on. Here is a selection, lots of it really imaginatively and creatively presented. Keep up the great work!...



Lovely, to see so much great work still going on.Well done everyone!

Wow Dylan, a super drawing, Well done for earning a headteachers award!

Great to see you and your wonderful artwork Solomon. Well done!

Glad to see that you are still keeping busy Lyla. Love your picture!

Wow! Great instructions Ria. A pet unicorn would be lovely. I’m off to give your instructions a try!

Mrs Houlstun ,
' Im glad to hear that u are of to the beach to try my set of instructions '

Hope you stay safe
Many Thanks ,Ria

Wow Keira, your hair is so long! Fantastic work too. I think I’ve seen you on every home learning blog so far- Great job. Keep it up :)

Excellent artwork Afia!

What a brilliant fly picture Anuthi! I love the attention to detail.

Good to see you practising your handwriting Benji. Keep it up.