Football Activators

A group of Yr 5 girls went to Bourne Academy Secondary School this week to become football ambassadors in order to promote more girls football back at Winton Primary. The mission was to set up a game plan for giving all girls at Winton an opportunity to play girls football. Fortunately Winton already offers mixed football clubs and opportunities for girls to play on their own, but these football activators are now excited to make sure even more girls can play as girls football popularity hits fever pitch! This excitement was fuelled at having the opportunity to meet three of the current AFC Bournemouth first team ladies, all sharing their backgrounds and stories about playing football. All of the ladies spoke about the resilience they had needed to show in order to continue playing the game they loved. The 14 Winton girls then took part in 6 skill based games and activities with Bourne Academies own Sports leaders with the intention of being able to replicate them to the children back at Winton.