Pirate Drama

This half term in Year One, we have been learning about the history of pirates.

We have learnt how they were burglars of the seas, and would fight and steal from other pirates they met on their journeys. We have focused on our key question “Is Grace O’Malley a real pirate?”. Grace O’Malley is a pirate from the Island Of Mayo, off the coast of Ireland. She dreamed all of her life to be a sailor, but as she was a girl, she decided to shave her hair, and sneak aboard. An English man found this out, and invaded her land, stealing her cattle and properties, but Grace didn’t stand for any of it, so wrote to Queen Elizabeth the 1st. She then met with her, and her argument was so strong, she awarded Grace back all her property, and she then became an advisor to the Queens army, after all her years of fighting.

This week, we acted out the scene between Grace and the Queen. The children loved coming up with ideas of how Grace would speak with Her Majesty, pleading with her to get back her things.

Super acting Year One, we can’t wait for our pirate day in a few weeks time.