I Spy Wild Winton

Year 4 have started a new Science topic this term, all about the things that live in our local environment.

To start off the topic, we learned about all of the characteristics of living things (and discovered a very helpful anagram ‘MRS GREN’). Once we understood each characteristics, we set out on an expedition to see what living things we could find in our local environment (aka our school).

We worked in groups to look around the school field, the playground and the outside of the building to see what living things we could see. We then observed it, described it and logged where we had seen it.

During our lesson we found magpies, ants, crane flies, foxes and money spiders. We also found brambles, moss and grass.

We all had a great time looking for each living thing. It was fun to notice all of these different living things, existing in an area that we use every day.