5* Bug Hotel!

Autumn and Winter are always an interesting time for Outdoor Learning and Year Two have been incredibly busy in recent weeks helping Mr. Keeley ensure the school grounds flourish throughout.

We have been collecting and storing seeds from around the school in preparation for planting next spring.

This included squashing tomato seeds into paper with our feet.

Hundreds of daffodil and tulip bulbs have been planted all around school to make sure we have plenty of spring blooms to look forward to.

We all played the habitat game in the new outdoor learning room.

We have been using saws and hand drills to strengthen and develop our fine motor skills.

At this time of year we usually make small bug houses that are either sold on the school stall or placed around the school grounds, but this year we are building the brand new WINTON PRIMARY SCHOOL 5 STAR BUG HOTEL!

The ground floor has been filled with bark and leaves ready for the worms and molluscs to move in. We have been sawing wood batons to make ideal environments for ants, spiders and beetles on the first floor of the hotel!

We’ve been drilling holes in soft wood to provide protection from predators and to create even more valuable nesting sites.

Watch this space to see the grand opening of the Bug Hotel!