Litter Picking Good

Year 4 were visited by Lea Baker, a volunteer who works with The Dorset Devils and The Bournemouth Ploggers (a litter-picking jogging group). The children learnt all about how Lea has collected over 250 bags of rubbish over the last few years of living in Bournemouth and also heard tales of some so the strangest things she has found on her trips.

Next, the children learnt how to litter pick safely before we donned our coats and safety gloves and made a trip to Redhill Common to see what we could find for ourselves. 

We found lots of plastic bottles, empty cans and even some money, that has gone straight into a charity collection. We were also surprised to find a shoe, a smelly nappy and someone’s old sock!!

We had lots of fun and were all really pleased to help tidy up our local area and help protect the wildlife that lives there.