Fit for Life

Year 4 have been working hard in PE lessons. ‘Capture the gems’ has been our ‘Let’s play’ game this week which involved teams hoping to collect as many gemstones (rugby balls) without being caught and sent to jail. This has helped us work as a team and practice our running and dodging skills.

As part of the ‘body book’ we have explored how much sleep we get and how this can affect our ability to remember what we have been learning about. We also thought about what we do before we go to bed and how this can affect the quality of our sleep too.

For ‘Brain gym’ this week we had a go at playing ‘table tennis target’ where we split our desks in half and had to bounce a ping pong ball onto a target at the other end of the table with one bounce. We had a few games against different classmates and this helped us work on our accuracy.