What might grow?

Today, reception had a letter turn up at their classroom door. Who was it from? After opening up the letter, we discovered the letter was from Mr Keeley. He explained that he had no more room to grow any plants, oh no! Reception decided that we could help him out. So, he gave us some beans and the children had to decide how best to grow them.

The children got busy choosing where they should plant their beans. Would they be better placed in the cupboard or by the window? The children thought a sunny spot with lots of sunlight would be good to help the beans grow. But, how would we look after the beans? We learnt that beans need watering regularly. Making sure we do not give the beans too much water but just a little every day. 

Over the coming weeks the children will be budding gardeners as they look after their own beans. Learning about the different parts that they observe growing. The children are going to be recording their findings in a bean diary, drawing and writing what they have found out. I know Mr Keeley can’t wait to see what you grow, reception!