Busy writers in Reception!

Over the last few weeks the children in reception have become immersed in a wide range of writing. Throughout the indoor and outdoor provision the children have the chance to engage in lots of different writing, and wow, they have been very excited to do so! During phonics lessons, the children have been learning lots of different sounds and tricky words. It has been great to see the children begin to use the sounds they have learnt within their play to write lots of fantastic things. Have a look at some of the fantastic cards, letters and shopping lists that have been written below. 



I am sure you will agree, it is pretty amazing! The children have also been very busy making marks and writing sounds outside too. The chalk boards and white boards are a very popular resource which the children have enjoyed showing off how they write the sounds they know! It has been brilliant to see the children pretending to be teachers, writing words and sentences including the sounds they have learnt during phonics. Well done Reception, the teachers are very impressed with your writing skills, keep it up!