Year One have loved planting daffodil bulbs this term. Before planting the bulbs, the children learnt that some plants grow from seeds and some grow from bulbs. We discussed which plants grow from bulbs such as, daffodils, tulips and onions. Year One then watched a video of bulbs being planted to gather some tips. They are eagerly watching and waiting for them to grow.

The children have also really enjoyed Science lessons within Year One and we are continuously discussing the seasons and the different changes each season brings. Each Year One class has their own display which records the sunrise and sunset time for each month and also the weather. We have been discussing how the days feel shorter as there is less sunlight. They have also noticed how the leaves are changing colour and falling off the trees. Previously, the children have learnt that deciduous trees are trees which lose their leaves in Autumn and evergreen trees keep their leaves all year. With this knowledge we decided to go on a tree hunt around the school grounds and were able to spot which trees were deciduous and which trees were evergreen. We were even able to name some of the evergreen trees as well as finding lots of Autumn leaves.

Well done Year One. Keep up the good work.