Starting School!

We have had such a great start to school life in Reception, all of the teachers have been so impressed at how well we have settled into everyday routines. 

Each day we start our day with Phonics, we have been learning the sounds s,a,t,p this week, I wonder if you can spot them when you are reading through your new school books. 

It has been a lovely time for us to all get to know each other. We have spent lots of time playing with the new toys and exploring the areas in Reception. This week we have introduced the “Let’s Learn” board. With this we choose the area we want to learn in. It has been great fun exploring Indoor Learning. In there we have lots of painting, water play, building world and a role play house. In Outdoor learning we have some super new areas, we have loved the kitchen and the tractors. 

Here are some pictures of us playing with the new friends we have made – Keep up the super work Reception!