Reception And Year 6

On Thursday it was the final day of The Fun Run 2021 with Reception and Year 6 taking on the challenge. Reception proved that when you run for fun you can achieve anything you put your mind into doing! No fewer than 19 children managed to complete 6 or more laps of the course, collecting house colour tokens as part of the whole school competition along the way. These children were: Alvie, Amy, Freddy, Lorenzo, Sienna and Szymon from Pear; Elliot, Irem, Logan, Luke and Ollie from Apple; Cody, Isaac, Jayden-Lee, Niko, Poppy and Tomas from Plum and Eloise and Evie from Cherry. 

Year 6 had the toughest job which was to navigate a rather wet and windy Fun Run course in the afternoon. However they rose to the challenge with a great effort all through the 4 classes. Amos, Finn M, Josh, Lucas and Tamsin from 6EH; Rohan, Leo, Liam, Afia, Cody and Tyler from 6SH; Alec, Freddie, Aiden and Marley from 6SK and Dylan, Eulind, Seb, Sienna and Summer from 6XCO all completed 7 or more laps within the 30 minute time limit. Congratulations to everyone involved. All that is left now is for the Year 6 house captains to count up the hundreds of coloured tokens so that we can decide on a winning house. Results to come next week. Enjoy the slide show of photos. 


Fun Run 2021 R and Yr 6