Amazing Authors

In Year 1 this week the children have been busy working on innovating their own stories. For the past few weeks the children have been working hard to develop their creative writing. After learning our new story, ‘The Tortoise vs The Hare’ the children got busy changing the characters and sports in the story. The children came up with some fantastic examples of slow animals; sloths, slugs and even koalas! They then had to find a new speedy character for their story, there was lots of cheetahs, hyenas and antelopes! After drawing a new story map the children were eager to perform their new stories to the class, it was amazing to hear so many creative stories! The children then showed off their writing skills as they wrote out their new innovated stories. It was brilliant to see such fantastic pieces of writing which the children took time to read to their friends. The children are becoming brilliant at ensuring all their writing has capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Well done Year 1, you are all amazing story writers.