Through the door…

Year 1 have been working on their creative writing. As a class, we wrote an adventure story based on a picture of two knights guarding a medieval castle. The children loved making up their own version of who the knights were and why they were there. Together, we wrote an adventure story all about a princess who was being protected by two brave knights from a fire breathing dragon. Everyone was very excited to share their thoughts and ideas! 

Last week, the children were shown a mysterious door and were challenged to imagine what might be behind the door. Year 1 have a fantastic imagination! We had ideas like – Santa’s Workshop, a cartoon coming into the real world or walking straight into another story. As a class, we talked about the characters we could have, the problem they were going to face and how they were going to resolve it.  

Year 1 were so excited to share their adventure stories. They proudly stood at the front of the class and read aloud their writing. We loved listening to each other’s stories and gave everyone a big clap! Super work, Year 1!