Animal Classification

Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at animal classification in Year 5 and thinking about what makes each group unique. 

Last week we decided on the main features of each group after looking closely at photographs and videos of different animal groups. 

Today we spent some time researching the different groups and creating a presentation on what we had learnt. The children worked brilliantly in teams to find out new information and create posters to teach the class about their animal group.

Did you know reptiles always lay their eggs on land? 

Did you know a platypus is a mammal even though it lays eggs? 

Did you know fish breathe through gills? 

Did you know that birds wings can help them to either fly, swim, run or jump? 

Did you know amphibians lay their eggs in the water?

Did you know that you can find invertebrates almost everywhere on Earth?

Well done Year 5!