Explosion Booklets

In the first week after lockdown, Year 4 spent some time exploring our emotions and how it is best to express them. We looked at how artists from the past have expressed their emotions focusing on the work of Wassily Kandinsky. We then used our knowledge and images on rivers to focus on how natural places make us feel and the colours we would use to represent them. After using colour and line to represent our emotions and the atmosphere by a river, the children were then horrified to hear we would have to cut up our work. After much reassurance from their teacher that their work would be even better after the next step, they obediently ‘destroyed’ their artwork before rearranging the pieces into an exploding booklet. Below you can see images of their finished creations. Each and every child was so proud of their creation and many were heard saying ‘I really didn’t think I was good at art but this looks amazing!’