Home Learning

It has been brilliant to hear all about what you have been getting up to at home. We hope you enjoyed receiving your special boxes from your class teacher this week and it was great to see how excited so many of you were about your gardening and year group activities inside.

These children have already planted their tomato seeds

and this mini Miss Bache, with her balloon night cap, has been helping Reception children with their learning at home. 

Take a look at this fantastic Scientist in Year 1 who has been doing a science experiment using skittles.

As well as this budding Scientist who received a Chemistry set for his birthday to help him with all of his experiments!

Lyra in Year 3 really enjoyed Miss Perrett’s cat video and created her own cat pencil holder and a portrait of Bella her cat

and also created a fantastic pizza by following Mrs James’ video.

These pancakes look delicious – well done to these two who created them!

And to Livvy and Molly, who created these fantastic cress heads at home!

Lots of children have been working hard on their art skills at home – look at the detail in this drawing!

It has been great to see so many of you joining in with Miss Yelland’s PE Challenges each day. 

Here are some videos of children in action – I wonder if you have completed any of these challenges?

PE Challenge

This child challenged Mrs Hammersley to a PE Challenge – take a look to see who wins!

PE Challenge 2

In Year 5 and 6, children have been updating Miss Yelland with their scores each day. Below are the top scorers for each challenge.

Day 20 (agility challenge) 
In Year 5:
Grace  scored 31 and then tried again to get 40 
Tia scored 33 
Ria scored 27 and then tried again to get 32 
In Year 6:
Afia scored 42 
Day 21 (cricket bowling challenge) 
In Year 5:
Nikita scored 26 
Shahed scored 17 
Day 22 (basketball challenge) 
In Year 5:
Lyla scored 46 
Day 23 (throwing and clapping challenge) 
In Year 5:
Shahed scored 65 
Finn scored 71 
Keira scored 90 
In Year 6:
Slumma scored 51 
Verna scored 78 and then tried again to get 83 
Finn scored 60 (but threw the ball over the fence), then tried again to get 98 
Alfie scored 70 
Lewis scored 60