Reception are aiming high!

In school the children in Reception have really enjoyed last term’s topic, “When I grow up.” Each week the children have learnt about a variety of different occupations such as, nurses, doctors, teachers, vets, shopkeepers, astronauts, firefighters, and policeman/woman. The children have enjoyed listening to non-fiction books which have taught them about the different jobs.

As part of the topic they have labelled a fire engine and a policeman. We have been really impressed with their writing and neat colouring.

Whilst learning about astronauts and to coincide with the year groups whole class reading book, “Whatever next?” the children have created their own rockets using junk modelling. It was lovely to see how engaged the children were throughout this activity. They had some great ideas of how to construct their rocket and worked with increasing independence.

We think the end product looks fantastic. The rockets certainly look ready to be launched into the space! The children were very proud of their creations as you can see below.



As a landing to the topic the children will be dressing up as what they would like to be when they grow up. We can’t wait to see their costumes. We hope this topic has inspired them to aim high!