It’s Coming Home

Today we are sending a pack to every child in the school.  The pack contains an activity from Mr Keeley and an activity from the child’s teacher.  We hope the packs will remind children that even if they are not in school then they are still a valued member of the school community.  It should also provide them with an activity that is a bit of fun as well as keeping them busy!  We have made a video for them to watch which lets them know there is a pack on its way to them.  Please spread the word and make it possible for all of the children at Winton Primary to see the video!

Packs may arrive at different times.  Some are coming home with children in school on Tuesday, others are being posted today whilst those collecting hampers on Wednesday can also collect their child’s parcel.  Year 5 received theirs at the end of last half term, as they need the contents for their work this week.  We hope every child will have their pack by the middle of this week!  If your child completes an activity form the pack please do send us a picture to