Year 5 Travel to Space

In year 5 this week, at school and at home, we have been planning and writing diaries about a trip to an unknown planet.

In week one of this term, as part of our space topic launch, the children designed their very own planets and this week they ‘travelled’ to them. Building on their knowledge of diaries and all the features they should include, they have written some excellent entries.

In bubble 2, the children have been practising their word processing skills by completing activities on BBC Dance Mat typing so they got to put some of their new skills into practice by typing their entries this week rather than hand writing them. 

I hope you enjoy hearing them as much as I did.

Can you spot the entry from our resident David Attenborough impressionist? I think he has been inspired by Mr Keeley from his Indoors/Outdoors show!

Top efforts this week year 5, well done.