Can you hear the Sea?

Reception have been really enjoying their new big book, ‘Can you hear the sea?’. Having listened and joined in with the story, the children were able to box up the story to illustrate the characters, the setting, the problem and resolution.

It has been so wonderful seeing the videos you have sent in of the children using text maps to retell and act out the story at home. They drew their own story maps to support them.

In the book, Sarah is given a special shell by her Grampa and she wishes she can hear the sea.  She goes on a journey and hears lots of sounds. The children have drawn and labelled what Sarah can hear.

They then wrote some sentences about what Sarah could hear along her journey and where she was on each day of the week. They have used great letter formation and all the special features of a sentence!

Well done for working so hard at home Reception! Keep up the super learning!