Headteacher Awards


Dylan always has such a positive attitude to all his learning and joins every online call with a big smile. Look at this super maths he has been doing!



This super learner completes every assignment and joins every morning video calls with a big smile on her face. She has been working really hard in maths to add using her toys. Well done!



Harry has earnt a headteacher award this week for trying extremely hard to learn all his phase 3 sounds in phonics. He is able to read sentences that contain these sounds and is even applying them in his writing. Excellent work!



This little boy has been working very hard at home. He loves completing the maths assignments and has been putting in a lot of effort in English and phonics too. He is doing a great job learning new sounds and reading them in words. Well done!


Cobey D has shown a fantastic attitude towards all of his work. He always tries hard and enjoys having a go at the extra challenges set in his class videos. He has done a great job recapping his sounds on a Friday and thinking of lots of words containing the sounds he has learnt.



This little boy followed a set of instructions very carefully to create this fantastic card. Well done!



A super retelling of the Year 1 text ‘The Way Back Home’ by this super star this week. He remembered all the key parts of the story and even added in some of his own adjectives to make the story more exciting!



Look at that delicious sandwich! This Year 1 boy has also been following instructions carefully. He followed each step and then enjoyed his delicious work!


Over the last few weeks this little girl has completed some super home learning and shared a great video of her reading the story The Smeds and the Smoos by Julia Donaldson. Well done!


This super learner is working so hard both in school and at home. She has been a superstar in maths becoming more confident in our topic and even using her toys to show how she shared her equal groups. Keep it up!



Another super retelling, this time in Year 2. This great learner retold a newspaper article about the Titanic, using Talk for Writing actions to remember every detail. Well done!



Sebby has been joining in every video call, always puts his hand up to answer questions and is very enthusiastic.  He did this impressive piece of writing about the Titanic and even used a purple pen to edit and make corrections.



Look at Anais’ super reserach and information all about the Romans! Keep up the hard work!



Kairi has also produced an excellent piece of research into the Romans. Look at the brillint presentation of her information.



Charlie has been working really hard on learning all about the Romans. He used the information he was given as well as the internet to find more facts about the Roman invasion of Britain.  


Ela has been using her excellent computer skills to make an eye-catching and interesting front cover all about the Romans. 



This superstar has been really challenging herself in maths by adopting a growth mindset and completing Toffee and Rock Candy challenges. Recently, she did some brilliant problem solving in division and in converting measures. Very well done!



Cem has been making an excellent effort in maths and has been working hard on his fantastic arithmetic skills. Well done Cem – keep up the hard work! 



This fantastic learner has shown an outstanding dedication to all of her home learning and always asks questions to ensure she understands her task.


Another excellent learner who has a brilliant attitude towards work – always working with a positive attitude both at school and at home. Well done!


For having worked extremely hard all week and producing some excellent work in Science, well done to Amir!


In 5HP, the Headteacher award is going to Cerys who has produced some super work this week, particuarly when writing about a fictitious planet.


For showing a wonderful attitude and fabulous growth mind set and determination to succeed in her learning, the 5MS the headteacher’s award is going to Sky.   She has produced some fantastic work about the moon this week.


Savannah is 5EL has earned a headteacher’s award this week for being such a conscientious and diligent student, always attending calls and taking great pride in her work.  She also made a super video explaining how we get night and day.


Josh in 6EH wrote a fantastic speech about how to use Microsoft Teams properly in his English lessons this week and has earned the headteacher’s award.  Well done Josh!


Someone who has also written a super speech this week is Catherine in 6SK.  She worked really hard and produced a super piece of writing.  Well done Catherine!


In 6XC, the award is going to Livvy for always putting in 100% effort and showing that she takes great responsibility for her learning by responding to all her feedback.  Keep up the great work Livvy!


In 6SH this week, the award is going to Tallulah for writing such a detailed and interesting report about Charles Darwin.  It was filled with super facts and it was a pleasure to read.  Well done Tallulah.