Headteacher Awards

Over the last week we have seen some excellent work from pupils both at home and school.  Teachers have nominated one of their super learners for a Headteacher Award.  Take a look and see what children from across the school have been up to. 


This superstar is always so enthusiastic in her online meetings and completed some great maths work this week. This is a photo of her doing some practical weighing.


This little boy is doing all of the remote learning at home and joining in with the live Teams video calls. He’s been working really hard to improve his writing and cutting skills this week and shown a really positive attitude. 


This little girl is always positive and enthusiastic when sharing her learning in class meetings. She has done some super work this week describing capacity using words such as empty, full, half full, nearly empty and nearly full. 


Theo has been working really hard at school and at home. He has been completing all the assignments at home and joining the video calls too. He did a great retelling of the Enormous Turnip in a Robot voice this week.


This superstar is working so hard at home, doing all the tasks set. She has been trying hard to form her cursive letters in handwriting sessions this week.


This fantastic learner has been doing lots and lots of reading every day and has even been reading to his little brother!


Amelia has worked hard on her independent writing this week. She took her time to write some super sentences about the Year 1 story, The Way Back Home. 


This little boy also did some fantastic writing on the story ‘The Way Back Home’ using neat joined handwriting, capital letters and full stops.


This great learner was very creative when solving maths problems this week. She used her dolls to show how to solve the calculation.


Dominic has worked so hard since starting home learning. He has completed all tasks to the best of his ability, often adding extra parts. He has worked hard on his handwriting and spelling the last two weeks and has uploaded all his practice onto Teams for Miss Langley to see.


Lucy has completed some great English work this week and did a great job answering the 5 W questions. 


Wilfred has put a lot of effort in to every piece of work he has done at home and showed great enthusiasm in the online calls. He always puts his hand up to answer questions in class discussions and has a fantastic attitude to learning.



This superstar in 3DP has completed all of her online learning and has even found the time to complete extra work! She watched the documentary “Life on our planet” by David Attenborough and this inspired her to create a beautiful booklet of information.


Charlie in 3GB has completed some super research all about the Jewish celebration, Shabbat. He has been working extremely hard with all of his online learning and always makes great contributions to 3GB’s live calls.


Following on from 3BR’s online PE lesson with Mr Miller, this child has created a fantastic poster all about the benefits of drinking lots of water! Take a look at Jude’s poster below to see why it is so important to keep hydrated.


Hugo in 3LM has been trying his best with all of his online learning, including purple polishing his work after he has received feedback. What a great growth mindset Hugo – well done!


In 4LG, Nika has shown great diligence in all of her online learning. She always takes great care and time over her presentation. Take a look at her brilliant work below on ways in which some countries reduce their carbon footprint.  


Take a look at India’s impressive, detailed drawings all about 4AS’ learning in science. She has added a fantastic explanation for each of the categories for plant classification. Well done India!


Well done to William in 4DB who has been working extremely hard on this handwriting this week and created an excellent piece of writing which included his learning on punctuating speech. Fantastic effort William.


In 4LC, Eva has created a brilliant poster to categorise plants with seeds and without seeds. She has put tremendous effort into her drawings of each plant – what a superstar! 


Congratulations to Solomon for his fantastic work online, particularly his non-chronological report about his own planet and his timeline of space travel which showed incredible imagination and creativity!

In 5MS, the headteacher’s award goes to Tydan because he has been putting in a huge amount of effort in every lesson this week.  He has really impressed us with his attention to detail with his timeline of space poster.  Well done Tydan!


The award in 5EL goes to Rhys who has shown lots of perseverance in his maths work this week and built a fantastic lego model of the Mars Rover.  Well done Rhys!


For showing admirable determination this week, the award in 5HP goes to Oliver.  He has worked really hard all week, particularly in maths, and his teachers have been very impressed.  Super effort Oliver.


In 6EH, this week’s award goes to Lucas.  He has worked extremely hard this week, particularly in science, and made a very informative presentation.  Great effort Lucas.


The headteacher’s award in 6SK goes to Aiden for showing a fantastic attitude this week, joining every call and working really hard in each lesson.  Keep up the fantastic work Aiden!


In 6SH, the award goes to Callum who has produced an excellent and informative power point about the Galapagos islands.  Well done Callum!


In 6XCO, the headteacher’s award goes to Austyn who has produced a wonderful piece of artwork depicting the Galapagos islands.  Super work Austyn!