Bustling Bubble 1

On Wednesday we welcomed back, with a big smile, the key worker children. Bubble 1 is made up of children from Cherry and Plum class and they have decided they would like to now be called Chum Class! 

They were very happy to come back to school and got to work straight away making pictures with the Pattern Blocks, making a fortune teller paper game and making tall towers. 

All children in Reception, whether in school or at home, have started learning the story The Enormous Turnip. In school we used tissue paper to make a turnip collage;

At home the children have been drawing a picture of all the characters trying to pull the turnip out of the ground. 

We also did some writing, in school, with the different characters in the story. This little boy was so proud of himself. 

On Friday it was really cold and icy outside, so we wrapped up warm and went into the Reception playground to look for different forms of ice. We found icicles hanging off one of the sheds and a big plate of ice on the sand pit cover. It was very cold and slippery! 

We have lots of exciting things planned for school and home next week, so keep a look out for future blog posts. Also anyone in Reception watch out for the postman, there is a delivery winging its way to you soon!