Let’s Learn Time

Here is a post from before the Christmas holiday which shows what the children got up to in school before the holiday!

Reception always enjoy Let’s Learn time. This is when they can choose what they want to do. There are lots of different activities to choose from in indoor learning, outdoor learning and in the classrooms too.

This week in indoor learning the children have loved using their imaginations and turning boxes into all sorts of things. We have had trains, kitchens and lots of broken houses to fix!

All aboard!


Some of the children used hammers, screwdrivers and saws to help them build and fix the houses they had made. They kept themselves safe by wearing their hard hats.



Some of the children pretended the boxes were cookers and tables and used them to make dinner and serve it. That’s a lot of food!

As always, there were also opportunities to practice writing in indoor learning too. This week the children could choose to practice writing the tricky truck words we have been learning in class. It was lovely to see children helping each other.

In outdoor learning children can practice their motor skills and balance skills, as well as practising reading and writing. This week the children enjoyed throwing bean bags into hoops and then sounding out our ‘robot talking’ the words on the hoops. 

Some of the children practised taking away using skittles. They counted skittles as they stood them up, knocked some down and then said how many were left standing. They also practised writing numbers by copying over them with paintbrushes


In the classroom some children chose to build with the wooden bricks. They really enjoyed using lots of different sized bricks to make really tall towers and were very proud of what they had made.

This week we continued practising our Nativity play, including the actions to the songs. The children have all been amazing at learning the actions and someone has loved dressing up as one of the sheep!

What a brilliant week we have all had! Well done everyone.