Message to Parents

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement we sent out a message an hour ago but the ParentMail communication system appears overloaded.  We hope the message will come through to all parents soon but can be read here in the meantime.

Dear Parents
Following the Prime Minister’s message this evening we need to produce a new plan for remote learning for all our pupils. My apologies that this, once again, is a last minute message that will inconvenience and frustrate many of you.  We had a plan for tomorrow that we now need to change.

School will be closed to all pupils tomorrow.  

During the course of tomorrow we will communicate with you to establish the provision for pupils who are classed as vulnerable or who have critical worker parents.  We will open that provision from Wednesday.

We had previously arranged for pupils in Years 3 and 5 and 6XCO who were vulnerable or children of critical workers to come into school tomorrow. Unfortunately this will now not be possible.  We do not want to set up bubbles tomorrow that need to change the following day. 

I know this will inconvenience many of you but I am afraid it is unavoidable.  On a positive note we are much more established and setup to deliver an online curriculum now and I am confident that the provision we offer will be much better than during the last lockdown.  It will be a day or two before this is fully up and running.  In the meantime you can use the “Isolating at Home” tab on the website where work for each year group is available.  This should keep your child busy for the few days until online learning is fully operational.

Finally I would ask that you avoid contacting the office tomorrow unless you have an emergency issue.  It is bound to be a busy day for staff in the office and the majority of questions will be resolved in the communications through the day.  If you do need to get in touch please email rather than phone.

Once again I thank you all for your support of the school in these difficult times and in anticipation of your patience over the next few days.

Neil Tarchetti
Winton Primary School