Sending Christmas Wishes

Over the last two weeks, Year 5 have been writing winter poems and letters to send to a local care home for the residents and care workers to spread Christmas cheer. 

Our poems were inspired by a winter scene and we used our 5 senses, figurative language devices such as personification and our aim was to create an image in our reader’s mind. After writing our poem, we worked hard to polish it and added extra detail if we thought we hadn’t created a clear image.

After writing our poems, we then wrote letters to the care home staff and residents. We talked about how they might be feeling at this unusual time, how different this Christmas period might be for them and what we could include in our letters to cheer them up. 

We wanted our poems and letters to look professional so we wrote them up in best and then created cards to stick them in. 

Mrs Gadsby delivered the 120 cards on Friday night to Avon Cliff residential home and her Grandad was there to meet her and collect the cards on the residents and care workers behalf. 

He wanted to say a huge thank you on behalf of all the residents that live there and from the care workers. Well done Year 5 –  we think you have brightened up Christmas for the residents.