Winter Wonderland

As it is starting to get cold outside we thought the children in Reception would like some winter craft activities to do at home, whilst they stay inside and keep warm. So instead of inviting parents in for a Winter Wonderland Workshop we sent some craft resources home and asked the children to upload photos of their crafts to Tapestry. The teachers even videoed themselves making the different crafts, so everyone at home could watch and see how to make a snowflake, penguin, garland and snowman. I think the children were probably better than the teachers though! 

Well we have been inundated with photos; it looks like everyone really enjoyed getting crafty! The concentration on faces is great to see, and I love how good we are all getting at using scissors now; well done. 

Look at these super spiral snowmen!

The cut and stick penguin was a firm favourite. 

I love the snowflakes everyone made, one little girl even covered her bedroom door with all the snowflakes; it looks great!

Finally the children could make a bobble hat garland. It has been lovely seeing where you have hung them around your houses. 

We hope you enjoyed seeing our Winter Wonderland crafts; why don’t you try and make some at home too?