Ship Ahoy!

Shiver me timbers! Mr Rooke found an old pirates’ chest in the Year 1 playground. It was filled to the brim with gold and a story all about Harry Paye. Year 1 were ARRmazed! They had lots of questions about pirates like; “Why did they wear eye patches?” and “Could girls be pirates?”. We found out lots of information about a local Pirate called Harry Paye who lived by the quay in Poole.

Well, blow me down, Year 1 did a fantastic job of retelling facts about Harry Paye and his history. Did you know Old Harry Rocks is named after Harry Paye who would hide his loot in the caves?

Year 1 were challenged to create their own Treasure Chests for home learning which they filled with their greatest treasures. It was lovely to see pictures and the names of their families, their favourite toys and even some jewels in their chests.

We learnt a lot about Harry Paye. In English, we ordered the story, we wrote a character description and we wrote a diary entry as Harry Paye! Year 1 did a super job!

To finish our topic, we made our own pirate ships out of recycling. Year 1 thought carefully about which materials would float before they got started. We were very impressed with their ships and they all floated!! Yo-ho-ho, it’s a pirate life for Year 1!