Winter Running

The children in Y2 look forward to their time on the running track (even first thing in the morning). Fresh air and activity help endorphins which make us feel great and this is noticeable by the energy levels and enthusiasm which begin to increase as the children work their way around the track. 

The children run the four laps, which is the same as a mile, and this helps to build confidence in their ability and what they can achieve. They enjoy challenging themselves and even if they find it tricky, they all still manage to do the four laps within the allocated time.

Running is a great exercise and helps keep children fit and healthy. When the children run as a class you can see how excited and happy they are to be carrying out an outdoor activity together. Children like to choose how they run and will either run on their own, with their friends, or with a partner who has a similar running ability.

Well done Y2 – Keep smiling, keep running, keep fit!