Friendship Pie

At Winton we recently marked Anti-Bullying Week with an odd socks day and each child creating a jigsaw piece to show that we are united against bullying. This fitted in perfectly with our Year 4 PSHE unit on friendships. As well as exploring the wonderful positive sides of friendships, we have also been looking at how to react when we see or experience situations that could lead to negative feelings. This could include something happening in the playground, having an argument with our friends or someone being unkind online. The children have shown a great maturity when discussing these situations, showing real consideration and thoughtfulness for others. In 4LC,the children were asked to come up with a recipe and method for a Friendship Pie. The responses showed what lovely children we have here at Winton, and how even in these challenging times, care and respect for others is always at the forefront of our daily lives.

Here are just a couple of examples:

Jaden’s Friendship Pie Recipe

Ingredients – A dash of love, A cup of support, A pinch of friendship, A spoonful of trust.   

Method – Pour in the love, Mix in the support, Stir in the friendship, Eat the trust, Help others and be kind. 


Sophia’s Friendship Pie Recipe

Ingredients – A dash of love, A cup of friendship, A pinch of support, A spoonful of kindness.   

Method – First, add a dash of beautiful love and add humour to make it happy and joyful. Second, add a full amount of friendship, this is going to make it rise and confident.  Third, add a pinch of friendship to always believe in yourself. Lastly, make sure to add a spoonful of kindness so you can be friends forever.  Now give this to the best friend in the world and hope they enjoy!


Bea’s Friendship Pie Recipe

Ingredients – Support, Care, Trust, Love

Method – Add the support to help the care rise so the trust lasts forever which makes the love stronger.


Aron’s Friendship Pie Recipe

A dash of jokes, A cup of support, A pinch of kindness, A spoonfull of conversation makes a Friendship Pie!


Some of 4LC’s jigsaw pieces: