Boats, Boats, Boats!!

In Year One we have loved our topic “It’s a Pirate’s Life…”. We have been so busy learning our talking stories and learning facts about Harry Paye, the pirate from Poole. He lived in Poole Quay in 1405 and in 1407 travelled to France and Spain to steal gold, treasure and burn down the buildings in their villages, even taking 120 of their boats. So we thought what a good idea it would be to make our own boats, would they get us across the sea and make us super pirates just like Harry Paye? We started by exploring lots of materials, talking about what they were made from and experimenting with things that floated, and things that sunk. 

We choose things we had in the classroom, putting them into water to see what would happen to them, and from this made a plan of what our boats could be made from. We realised that lighter objects made of plastic floated the best on the water, so we thought we should start our boats with this exact thing. We all brought in some recycling from home, then got to work making our junk model boats. In 1ND we started with plastic bottles, checking if they floated on the water before we decorated them.  

We were so pleased that all of our boats floated on the water, we then started to decorate the boats. We used lots of tape and glue, some cutting and attaching some super things to our boats. Lots of them had a flag, and even a small treausre map to go inside to help them look for treasure on their journeys. I was so pleased to see some had cannons and crow’s nests at the top for the look-out to sit inside. Well done for all your hard work this half term Year One, We can’t wait to see what we get up to in our next topic too.