Year 1 Treasure and PE

Year 1 have been learning all about pirates this half term. We have learnt a talking story about Harry Paye, which has given us lots of information about pirates – did you know that Old Harry Rocks are named after Harry Paye?

The children have really impressed us with their homework challenges. They were asked to make their own treasure chests and fill it with treasure that was really special to them. The children have been bringing in some amazing treasures chests and we have loved hearing all about their special treasures.

In PE over the last four weeks Year 1 have been working hard to develop some of our basic movements in a range of cricket based activities including running, jumping, throwing and catching.  

All children have been practicing throwing overarm and underarm to get more power and accuracy with a ball. Taking turns to run between the wickets has been popular, using our speed and agility to run the distance and then make a quick turn to return to a starting position. 

We have been working hard to develop our accuracy when using a striking action to hit a ball off a tee with the cricket bat. Year 1 have been taking turns as the batter and the fielders, learning that everyone in the team plays an important role. The children have enjoyed hitting the ball as hard as we can and seeing how far it will go across the field.