A Bridge Too Far?

Year 4 are having a great time celebrating inspiring inventors and inventions of the past. Following on from our exciting launch inspired by Rube Goldberg last week, Year 4 have been learning about different types of bridges. This simple but important invention can be seen in many forms. Did you know you can find bridges made out of roots? We have also looked at famous bridges and learnt about the forces involved in suspension bridges, cantilever bridges, arch bridges and beam bridges.

As part of Year 4’s topic home learning, 4DB have brought in models of bridges and shared the information they have learnt.

The Tower Bridge, London.

The Golden Gate suspension Bridge, San Francisco.

Alum Chine suspension bridge in Bournemouth. 

This pupil also built Tower bridge, London and presented his findings on a powerpoint that he shared with the class. 

Super work everyone!


Great work Year 4!