Handa’s Surprise!

The children in Reception are really enjoying Whole Class Reading this half term. Whole Class Reading is where the children read a special book with their learning partner. When we are reading we predict what might happen next in the story, interpret the story by thinking about what has happened and how we know and retrieve information by looking at the pictures. We use our phonics skills to decode words, perform the words to help the children to understand what the words mean and read together, while pointing to the words with a partner. 

The children have been reading Handa’s Surprise. The book is all about a little girl called Handa who collects delicious fruit in her basket to take to her friend Akeyo. The story is set in Kenya and we have been having lots of wonderful discussion about what it is like in Africa. We have been discussing the weather, what the landscape looks like, what animals live there and what fruit grows there. Apple class’ favourite fruits are mango and pineapple!

We have been learning lots of new and exciting vocabulary too! Heres of some of the words we have been learning. We used our phonics to sound out the words and blend them together. You can see we have added sound buttons. 

Keep up the excellent reading Reception! It is so lovely to see you enjoying stories.