Amazing Maths!

In Year one this week we have been delving deeper into number. We have recapped all of our number knowledge and have been busy adding numbers together. We have been counting to 100, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and even learning to subitise. Subitise is when you can just look at a number and know what it is, That might be using objects, counters or our fingers on our hands, we have become very good at spotting numbers wherever we go. We have talked lots about how numbers can be made up of two parts making the whole number. We started looking at this with our number bonds to 10, even being able to swap our numbers around in our number sentence. 

E.g. – 2+8=10 and also 8+2=10.

We had lots of fun exploring these number bonds using our tens frames, we put one number onto the frame using counters, then looked at the left over spaces to work out what the number partner would be to make 10. 

We then discussed how all numbers have a partner when we add them together, and started to use the part, part, whole method. In this our two numbers that are added together sit at the bottom to show they work together and the top number is the whole number. We loved also challenging ourselves, putting the whole number first and working out what the parts could be. Again we used the counters to find the amounts, broke them into parts and looked at how many ways you could make a number. We had some super questioning and comparing to see how many ways we could make our numbers. Keep up the super Maths work Year One!