Impact of Deforestation

In year 5, we have been looking at the rainforest as a habitat in topic over the last two weeks and the importance of looking after this. 

We learnt how the layers of the rainforest are habitats for different animals, why this could be and created a flip book to show the layers of the rainforest and how they differ. 

For home learning the children were tasked with creating a shoe box habitat for a rainforest animal. They decorated their shoe boxes to represent the habitat of the animal they chose and some even collected natural items from their own gardens to signify a small scaled version of life in the rainforest. 

The children were shocked to learn how much of the rainforest is impacted by deforestation and some even decided to express this in their projects. 


We were so outraged at the devestation of deforestation that we have decided to write formal letters to Boris Johnson asking him to support our campaign to save the rainforest. We will be sending them his way at the end of the week. Ask your child to tell you how deforestation will impact our planet. 

Well done Year 5 – keep up the good work!