Physical fun with 4LC!

One aspect of the different school day that 4LC have really enjoyed this term is our daily chance to get out of the classroom. Each day we get 45 minutes either on the field, in the courtyard, in the ball-court or in the Big Hall. Over the weeks, we have built up a wide selection of games and activities to fill this time. From drama games to playground favourites (and of course the daily mile!) 4LC really maximise their active time. Here are some of our favourites:

My favourite game is the Theatre Game because it is very funny. Mr Crowter calls out something like ‘standing ovation’ and we all have to do the action. I think it’s an amazing warm up and great fun to play in the Big Hall. – Diego

I like 4 Corners because it is fun. Somebody stands with their eyes close and the rest of the people go to a corner.  Then person with their eyes closed calls out a corner and the people in that corner are eliminated. – Rania

4 corners is super fun and super noisy! – Hugo

I like Freeze Ball-Tag because when Mr Crowter calls freeze, the tagger needs to try and roll the ball at a person. When they hit them, they sit down and they are out. – Jack W

Freeze Ball Tag is the best game in the world! – Alissa

I like Rules of the Game where someone goes out of the room and the rest of the class makes up a rule (for instance – every answer has to begin with the letter S). Then the person comes back in and tries to guess the rule by asking questions. They get 3 guesses. – Jasmine