Free flow

Reception have have had a very exciting week this week as the teachers have introduced “The Let’s Learn board”  in class (See below.) The children have enjoyed using their photos to make independent choices and to continue to explore their own classrooms and the indoor and outdoor space in Reception. The teachers provide continious provision for the children within indoor and outdoor learning and I know Pear class love choosing these areas. Here are some pictures of them using indoor and outdoor learning.

The children work to improve their gross motor skills outside by moving in a variety of ways and also by throwing and balancing. The children have shown they can match numerals to quantity.

The children have been using a variety of resources outside including guttering and obstacle courses to develop their stability and problem solving skills.


As well as working on their gross motor skills the children are also working on their fine motor skills by using paint brushes to follow patterns and write in the sand. The children have been developing their imaginations outside by using natural resources. Above you can see that I have been given some lovely “cupcakes.”



In indoor learning the children have enjoyed learning to name 2D shapes by feeding the shape monsters. They have been very creative making patterns with the ‘Grimms Ranbow’ and also drawing some fantastic pictures.

The children have been threading and using the tennis monsters to work hard on their fine motor skills in indoor learning too. This will help develop a great pincer grip for writing.

Reception love to play imaginitvely in indoor learning and enjoy to role play doctors, or families. I know some great cooking happens in the house! The pattern dice has also been a big hit this week and the children have done a fantastic job copying the patterns on to a whiteboard.

All the Reception staff are so impressed with how the children have used their ‘Let’s Learn Board’ this week and how they are becoming independent learners. Well done!