Year 3 Impress

Year 3 have started the year brilliantly with some excellent artwork. They learnt about aboriginal art, practising and improving their skills to produce some impressive work which can be seen here. After listening to the story ‘The Rainbow Serpent,’ 3GB and 3DP made some excellent serpents using modrock and scrap material. 3BR and 3LM made rainsticks and boomerangs inspired by aboriginal dot painting. These can all be found hanging in the year 3 corridor.

Under the talented guidance of Miss Drayson, 3DP created a serpent masterpiece. Every child was given a section of the serpent to paint in their own indivdual style (insprired by aboriginal design) and the sections were glued together to create a stunning whole class piece of art.

All of the year 3 teachers are really proud of the effort the children made with their art and their promising start to a rather different school year – well done year 3!