Amazing Apples

Apple class have had an excellent week! They are really enjoying the routines of the school day. One of their favourite times of the day is Funky Fingers, which develops their fine motor control. The children have enjoyed creating their own 2D shape pictures using wooden shapes, pins and hammers, as well as making bracelets and necklaces with beads. Some of the children even made their own repeated patterns. They also enjoyed weaving pipe cleaners through colanders, cones and templates. They have been developing their cutting skills by making paper confetti. Here we are having lots of fun!

In indoor learning the children have enjoyed feeding tennis balls pasta. This was a bit tricky, but the children persevered to fill the balls. In outdoor learning the children have been weaving ribbon through the fence and drawing patterns in sand with paintbrushes. What a fantastic week Apple class have had! Remember to continue to work on your fine motor control, as well as your cutting skills at home!