Outdoor Learning!

Year Two have been making the most of the last of the sunny weather before Autumn really sets in and have taken some of our work outside to the courtyard.  

The children did some fantastic work based on capacity. We first asked the children to order a set of containers from the empty to full. Then they were asked to name if a container was full, half-full or empty. They enjoyed filling the containers and may have got a bit wet in the process!

The children were very concerned about not wasting the water we had used for our maths work, so once we had finished we put them to work watering the plants in the courtyard and the surrounding area. Not only did the plants appreciate it, but it also gave us a great opportunity to continuing practising our capacity vocabulary. Lots of interesting conversations were heard such as “Is your watering can full or empty?” “Mine is only half full.” “Mine is nearly empty.”

Year Two very much enjoyed their time in the courtyard and can’t wait to get outside again next week!