Super Start in Year 2

It was great to see so many children back in school with happy, smiling faces and full of enthusiasm. The new school year is always an exciting time but this year even more so, as many of the children were reunited with friends who they hadn’t seen for several months.

As in previous years the first two weeks of the new term are spent ensuring our school looks and feels like a great place to work in (and it is!).

This year our Year 2 hallway artwork is based on the Lanzarote artist Cesar Manrique.

The children enjoyed watching a video about Lanzarote and looking at some of his work that you can find there.

Each class has created an image of one of his famous fish to go on one of our hallway display boards.

The children have used not only lots of different resources but have been encouraged to use a variety of skills including some of the ideas Cesar Manrique uses to create interesting pieces of art.

We hope it won’t be too long before you can see all the exciting work Year 2 have created.