“The Crocodile Who Didn’t Like Water”

In Reception this week we have started a new story, “The Crocodile who didn’t like Water.” We have spent lots of time learning the story, making actions and making our own story maps. We talked about Crocodiles and found out they were Reptiles. We have made a fact card, talking about where they live, what they eat and what they do. We have really liked this story. A poor little Crocodile really hates swimming with his brothers and sisters, he doesn’t like doing what they do. until one day he does a huge sneeze, breathing out fire and realises he is a Dragon. 

Everyday we love our time in the small hall, we do lots of games and dancing. When we were learning about reptiles we realised how dinosaurs are reptiles too. We found the ‘Dinosaur stomp’ dance and have loved practicing it every day. We have some super Dinosaur impressions, and some very loud ROOOAAAARRRS!!


We have done some brilliant writing about our favourite parts of the story. We talked about all of the parts of the story and how important it is that we are all different. We talked about everyone liking different things and we thought it was really funny when he blew fire from his nose for the first time. 

We have even made our own crocodiles, collaging their bodies.  We talked about what colours Crocodiles are and how it helps them in their habitats.