“I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down!”

Even with the scorching weather the children in Reception have been very busy this week. We have had a great time learning and then retelling our new talking text, the story of The Three Little Pigs. They came up with some fantastic Talk for Writing actions to retell the story and there were some very scary Big Bad Wolves!  

They had lots of fun creating a variety of art work linked to the story, using different media such as paint or collage. I was very impressed with their imaginative interpretations of the story. The children also got to use their colour mixing skills making up pink paint. They were astounded at the different shades they could make depending on the ratio of red and pink paint. 

They also produced some lovely writing retelling the story. It was lovely to see them using their actions to help with this. We also had some very interestinbg chats about everybody’s favourite part of the story. The children found the wolf falling down the chimney a particulary funny bit! 


One child even went a step further and independently wrote a character description all about the wolf. What a super star!

We also had some interesting discussions about the materials each house was made of and their properties. We will be continuing to look at this in a little more detail next week  as well as innovating their stories. This means changing the materilas each house is made out of of. I can’t wait to see their fantastic ideas!